Chen Shu (1660-1736), styled Nanlou, was also known by her literary names "Shangyuan Dizi" and "Nanlou Laoren". She was a native of Xiuzhou and eldest daughter of Chen Yaoxun, former student of Imperial College. In the first year of the Qianlong reign, she accepted the imperial title of "Tai Shu Ren" with gratitude. Qian Chenqun, her eldest son, rose to the position of Vice Minister of the Board of Punishments. Owing to his strong recommendation, Emperor Qianlong pretty admired her works. Therefore, she was better represented in the imperial collection than any other woman painter in Chinese history. Chen Su was noted for her extensive subject matters. Careful and meticulous, her figure paintings are characterized by fine brushwork and dark colors while her landscape and flower-and-bird paintings are literati paintings with free brushwork and graceful taste.

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Lidai Diwang Daotong Tu (Emperors of Past Dynasties)
Chen Shu   the Qing dynasty
16-leaf album  colors on silk   33.5x37.3 cm
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