Zhou Shuxi(1624-c1705), also named Zhou Xi, had the sobriquet "Jiangshang Nvzi" (Lady on the River). She was a native of Jiangyin and married Huang of her hometown. From childhood, she, under the support of her father Zhou Rongqi, learned painting together with Zhou Shuhu, her elder sister. When they grew up, according to Wusheng Shi Shi (History of Wordless Poetry) by Jiang Shaoshu, "they were celebrated for their superb painting skills and good at painting flowers, insects and birds. In their works, lines are so thin and cursive that they look like silk produced by silkworm in spring while colors are bright and spirit is vivid. Shuxi was especially intelligent. She was also skilled in painting Buddha statues with solemn and dignified bearing and sometimes painted horses of other regions with exquisite dots and washes and meticulous composition."
Hua Guo Tu Ping (Flowers and Fruits)
Zhou Shuxi and Zhou Shuhu  the Qing dynasty
screen   colors on silk   21.4x19.2 cm
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