Xue Susu,styled Susu or Runniang, was also known by her literary name "Snow White". Expert in poetry, essay, calligraphy, painting, xiao (a vertical bamboo flute), weiqi (a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses), horsemanship and embroidery, she was a pretty and versatile courtesan in South China. Owing to her artistic attainments, she could leisurely respond to literati's poems or paintings. As Hu Yinglin pointed out, "she is especially skilled in painting orchid and bamboo. Her brush dashes rapidly and all her paintings are full of spirit. They are even superior to those of most professional painters."



Lan Zhu Song Mei Tu (Orchid, Bamboo, Pine and Plum)
Xue Susu  the Ming dynasty
handscroll  ink on paper  29x417.5 cm
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