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Announcement on the Orderly Reopening of the Palace Museum from 1 May 2020


Dear Visitors,

In accordance with the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing, the Palace Museum will open certain visiting areas in an orderly manner from 1 May 2020. Please see the following information for full details on the reopening.

8:30-17:00 (last entry at 16:00)
OPEN Tuesday – Sunday
CLOSED Mondays (except for national holidays)

Open Areas
According to the current epidemic prevention and control requirements and in consideration of the Palace Museum’s operations, outdoor areas to be opened include the three great halls of the Outer Court and three palaces of the Inner Court, the Imperial Garden, the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility (Cining gong) and its garden, Palace of Longevity and Health (Shoukang gong), and certain courtyards of the Six Eastern Palaces and Six Western Palaces. Indoor galleries such as the Treasure Gallery and the Gallery of Clocks as well as indoor spaces for museum services will remain temporarily closed; other closed areas include the tower galleries of the Meridian Gate (Wu men), East Prosperity Gate (Donghua men), Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwu men), and connecting ramparts. (Please consult the following map for open areas during this epidemic prevention and control period). Parts of period installations inside halls and palaces are open and can be viewed from outdoor behind the stanchions.

Online Booking
Tickets for admission to the Palace Museum must be purchased online (https://gugong.ktmtech.cn/) at least one day in advance with a valid ID (Chinese ID card or passport, with information required during the purchasing process). Reservations begin at midnight 10 days in advance until all available tickets are reserved. The current ticket price is 60 yuan (RMB). The daily quota is 5,000 visitors (3,000 visitors from 8:30 to 13:00, and 2,000 from 13:00 to 16:00, respectively); tickets sales end once the quota is reached. Please arrive on time for the designated entry time. The daily quota is subject to change as the situation of epidemic prevention and control progresses.


Directions to the Palace Museum Entrance
As required by the Tian’anmen Area Working Plan for Services during the 2020 Labor Day Holiday, please proceed to the Palace Museum’s Meridian Gate (Wu men) entrance via the road along the Forbidden City Ramparts starting from the East Prosperity Gate (Donghua men).

Rules & Regulations
1. For admission into the Museum, visitors are required to present an original ID (passports for international visitors) and the pre-prepared real-time query of their health code (via Health Kit, a.k.a. Jiankang Bao, available through WeChat and Alipay mini-programs) that shows no signs of abnormality.
2. Please observe Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control regulations by undergoing body-temperature screening before entering the Museum. Visitors with a body temperature above 37.3℃ or abnormal symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath will be denied entry. During your visit, please immediately contact our staff if you feel unwell.
3. Please wear a face mask at all times and keep a distance of at least one meter from other visitors. Do not crowd or gather in densely packed groups. Please actively cooperate with all efforts to prevent and control the disease.
4. Measures shall be taken by on-site staff if crowd density exceeds limits in specific areas. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
5. Guided services are temporarily suspended, but rental services for audio guides, wheelchair, and baby carriages are available for free. 
6. For more information, please call +86-10-8500-7062 or +86-10-8500-7063.

Thank you for your support and understanding! We wish you a pleasant visit to the Palace Museum!

The Palace Museum
29 April 2020

Temporary Closure

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