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Lou Wei


China, Deputy Director of the Palace Museum

Bachelor of History. From 2000 to 2002, he studied graduate courses in the School of Arts, Peking University. He successively served in the Department of Conservation, Department of Painting and Calligraphy, and Department of Cultural Relics Management of the Palace Museum. He is currently the deputy director and researcher of the Palace Museum, mainly engaged in the identification of ancient painting and calligraphy, museum management and related research.

Over the years, he has participated in the draft and revision of a number of important work plans and regulations, and took part in the organization and implementation of collection processing and the collecting of many important cultural relics for more than ten years. In the study of painting and calligraphy, he focuses on the painters, genres and works of the Wu School and Taihu Lake basin and its surrounding regions of Ming dynasty. Taking the practical problem in the painting and calligraphy as the starting point, he pays attention to its solution. He has published a monograph and many articles of identification and research in academic journals such as Cultural Relics, The Palace Museum Journal and Journal of National Museum of China. He also presided over the large-scale exhibitions such as “The Court Paintings of the Qianlong Period” and participated in several volumes’ compilation of the painting part of the A Complete Fine Collection of Cultural Relics in the Palace Museum.

He has published many academic articles such as Autumn Scenery in Shitian -- the Prosperity and Decline of Shen Zhou’s Family, A Study on Painting and Calligraphy Works by Yao Shou, A Study on Preface and Postscript of A Painting by Ni Zan, A Study on the Painting Scroll by Wen Zhengming, and An Overview of Museums in Southern England.

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