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Sun Miao


China, Deputy Director of Exhibition Department, The Palace Museum

Mr. Sun Miao has been engaged in exhibition design in the Palace Museum since 2004. He presided over several exhibitions, for instance, The Orchid Pavilion, Special Exhibition of Selected Artefacts during Yongle and Xuande Reigns in Ming Dynasty, Special Exhibition of Inscriptions in Han and Wei Dynasties, Exhibition of Historical Records in Qing Dynasty.

Mr. Sun became an on-the-job graduate student in Chinese National Academy of Arts in 2006 and received the doctoral degree in literature in 2009. In 2007, he attended a short-term training programme organized by the British Museum. In 2012, he visited Freer Gallery of Art for four months supported by J.S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Program.

He published several articles about thinking on contemporary museum and experience of exhibition design in periodicals such as The Palace Museum Journal, The Forbidden City, Interior Design and Construction, Professional Lighting Design and Chinese Museum.

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