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Asmath Alias

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Singapore, Senior Assistant Director for Education and Community Outreach, National Heritage Board

Ms. Asmah Alias is a Senior Assistant Director for Education and Community Outreach at the National Heritage Board (NHB) in Singapore.

She started her career in the museum and heritage sector more than 10 years ago at National Museum of Singapore, Singapore's oldest museum. As a trained communications and marketing professional, she was then involved in marketing the museum's programmes and services as the grand old dame had just gone through major restoration works. As part of job rotation and career progression, Ms. Alias eventually took on other portfolios including business development which involved formulating business strategies in the areas of venue management, tenancy and product development.

In 2013, Ms. Alias moved on to the museum's headquarters: NHB, which manages the national museums, heritage institutions and precincts in Singapore. Her current role at NHB's Education & Community Outreach Division includes developing strategic policies for promotion of heritage to all schools in Singapore in collaboration with key education partners such as the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development Agency. She also leads the education team in conceptualising and developing education programmes to create and maintain interest in heritage and culture especially among the young ones. Ms. Alias also heads the Grants team which administers NHB's Heritage Grants scheme to provide funding support for interested individuals and non-profit groups seeking to develop and implement heritage-related projects that seek to preserve and promote Singaporeans' learning and appreciation of heritage.

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