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Liang Jinsheng


China, Museum Expert, The Palace Museum

After the graduation from the Department of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University in 1988, Mr. Liang was admitted to the Palace Museum attending to the restoration of ancient architecture as well as the conservation, management and research of historical objects. Since 1984, he had been in charge of the general inventory management, historical objects collecting, formulation and revision of collection management regulations, as well as the examination, assessment and handover of oversea exhibitions.

During his service at the Palace Museum, he had successively held the posts of deputy division chief, division chief, and deputy director of Conservation Department, deputy director of Administrative Office, and director of Collection Management Department. He had also served as committee member of the Publishing House of the Palace Museum, secretary general of the Committee of Collecting and Identification of Historical Objects of the Palace Museum, member of the Conservation Committee of Beijing Academy of Museum, and Chair of the Conservation Committee of Chinese Museums Association. With rich experience, he has been repetitively invited to attend the research programs, seminars and training sessions sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Relics, the Palace Museum, the Capital Museum, the National Museum of Friendship, etc., regarding to the inventory management and restoration of historical objects. After his retirement, Mr. Liang was re-employed by the Palace Museum.

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