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Duan Yong



China, Director of Department of Science and Technology (Department of Museum and Cultural Relics), SACH

After his graduation from Department of Archeology and Museology in Peking University (PhD), Dr. Duan successively served at Museum of Chinese History (now National Museum of China), the SACH, and the Palace Museum, engaging in museum exhibition, education and training, and international communication respectively. He was appointed Deputy Director of the Palace Museum in 2007, taking charge of museum exhibitions, public education, and conservation. In 2010, he was transferred to the SACH, serving as Director of Department of Museum and Cultural Relics (Department of Science and Technology), and guiding the management and operation of museums across China.

With fairly long-time research on cultural heritage and museum management, Dr. Duan published four academic treatise as follows, Study of Mythological Animal Motifs on Bronze Wares of Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty, Contemporary Museums in America, The Forbidden City--Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Emperor Qianlong’s “Four Beauties” and “Three Friends”, and one translation work East Asian Art and American Culture: A study in international relations, as well as more than thirty academic articles, such as “The Origin and Early Appearance of Dragon Based on Archeological Findings”, etc.


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