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Theodorus Meereboer

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The Netherlands, Founder and Director of COMMiDEA

Originally trained as an art & art history teacher, Theo Meereboer worked as an artist/art festival organizer. After 15 years he decided to move to the internet. He learned to concept and design educational games for non-profits. After that he worked as art director/concept developer for a television production company, where he also learned a lot about branding and marketing. Four years later he became editor in chief of two educational children's magazines. After eight years he moved back to the cultural sector, where he was consultant/concept developer for museums and other cultural institutions, specialized in experience concepts and crossmedia communication. Since 2008 Theo Meereboer is director and independent consultant at COMMiDEA, a small agency for museum concepts, engagement strategies and 'heritage futurism'.

He is also founder of Heritage 2.0, a knowledge network for heritage professionals, president of E30 Foundation and member of the Innovation Council for the Dutch Public Libraries. He is also a speaker, presenter and associated lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy. Theo received his Master degree in Art Education at the Fontys Academy of Arts in Tilburg in 2015.

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