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Bountiful Grasses on Red Walls, To the Ink-soaked Memories — Exhibition of Artworks and Documents in Memory of Liu Bingsen's Eightieth Birthday Anniversary


Location:Hall of Martial Valor (Wuying dian)

Dates: 2017-12-22 through 2018-02-23

第一版 电子海报s.jpg

A renowned calligrapher and painter, Liu Bingsen (1937 - 2005) graduated in 1962 from the Fine Arts Normal College in Beijing, majoring in landscape of the Fine Arts Department's specialty of traditional Chinese painting, and was employed by the Palace Museum in the same year. In his early career, Liu was mainly responsible for copying ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy, among which the silk painting found in a Western Han (202BCE-9CE) the tumulus at Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan province, the silk painting from Jinqueshan, Shandong province are the most notable, together with album leaves by Song-dynasty (960-1279) artists. In the 1970s, he created the large-scale landscape Misty Sun Moon Lake for the Taiwan room at the Great Hall of the People.

隶书 古诗十九首选二 3s.jpg

One of Nineteen Selected Ancient Poems in Clerical Script

Liu was well versed in all types of calligraphy, both in terms of research and creation. He developed a highly distinctive style in clerical script. He created the simplified clerical script version of phototypesetting matrix plate for Shanghai Phototypesetting Factory, adding up to more than 6700 characters, now known as computer front “Chinese clerical script” currently. Liu Bingsen attached great importance to elementary education for calligraphy, and he wrote and published several dozen copybooks of calligraphy of which millions of copies were sold. In terms of artistic creation, he always stick to the concept that combines traditional methods with innovation.

E1 江干翠晓s.jpg

Dawn in the Verdant Jianggan

Liu was member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee, deputy chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, deputy president of the Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, deputy president of the Buddhist Association of China, deputy chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, member of the Twenty-First Century Committee for China-Japan Friendship, deputy director of Beijing Research Institution of Culture and History, and research fellow at the Palace Museum. 


Liu Bingsen with His Copy of the Silk Painting from the Tumulus at Mawangdui

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