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We All Live in the Forbidden City


Location:Palace of Great Benevolence (Jingren gong)

Dates: 2017-07-18 through 2017-10-18

Centered on the theme of “We All Live in the Forbidden City”, the contents of the exhibition are displayed on illustrated display panels, 3-D models and multimedia videos, all designed to bring tan imaginative and fun museum experience with a modern twist for all. Through this sharing of knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, it is our hope that this exhibition will open a window to better understanding the Forbidden City, and the integral ties between Chinese culture and nature. This year marks the 10th year of partnership between Chiu Kwong-chiu and his Design and Cultural Studies Workshop (CnC) with The Palace Museum. This exhibition is a showcase of a decade of collaborative efforts on publications, education programs, exhibitions, multimedia and literary initiatives. Of particular interest to visitors of The Palace Museum here in Beijing will be the multimedia contents and animations of recent exhibitions jointly organized by The Palace Museum and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of the HKSAR Government.


 The exhibition includes four parts:

Strolling the Palace Ground,

Admiring Palatial Architecture,

The Imperial Family Tree,

and Get Animated.


This exhibition would not have come to fruition without the generous support of The Palace Museum and the LCSD of the Hong Kong SAR Government, as well as the combined efforts of the Exhibition Department of The Palace Museum, The Palace Museum Publishing House, the Division of Cultural Research and Development of the Forbidden City and the CnC. 

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to “We All Live in the Forbidden City”!


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