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Pure Elegance: A Special Exhibition of Ru Ware in The Palace Museum


Location:Palace of Prolonging Happiness (Yanxi gong)

Dates: 2015-09-30 through 2016-08-31

The "Ru kilns" mentioned in ancient documents refer to the kilns that produced sky-blue glazed celadons exclusively for imperial use during the Northern Song dynasty. The "Ru kilns" are considered to be among the five great kilns of China together with the Guan (official), Ge, Ding and Jun kilns. In fact, the Ru kilns are also sometimes called the "Ru official kilns." The site is located in Qingliangsi Village, Daying Town, Baofeng County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province.
  The Ru kilns were ranked first among the five great kilns by later generations, in large part, because the light sky-blue glaze applied to elegant Ru porcelains appealed to the aesthetic tastes of ancient literati and scholar-officials. The defining characteristics of Ru porcelain include an elegant shape, incense-gray paste, and light sky-blue glaze. Ru ware was typically placed on a support during the firing process to ensure the porcelain foot could be glazed as well, thus leaving small spur marks. Another common feature of Ru ware is the fine broken-ice crackle pattern found on the glazed surface.
  Due to the short period of production and great difficulty in firing, only a small number of Ru porcelains have been preserved today. Available statistics reveal that intact Ru ware in private/public collections around the world total less than 100 pieces.
  To further advance research about the Ru kilns and to present a more complete picture of the Ru porcelains unearthed or preserved in private/public collections today, we hold this special exhibition and invite visitors to come and enjoy study these treasures.

Organiser: The Palace Museum
Co-organisers:  British Museum
                        Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
                        Baofeng County Cultural Heritage Management Bureau
                        Shanghai Museum
                        Tianjin Museum
                         Jilin Provincial Museum

Temporary Closure

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