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Dynastic Paintings and Calligraphy in the Palace Museum Collection (8th rotation)


Location:Hall of Martial Valor (Wuying dian)

Dates: 2010-06-18 through 2010-08-30

Chinese painting and calligraphy enjoy a long history. Having been derived from primitive symbols and nourished by Chinese civilization, both art forms are executed with the same tools, i.e., brush pen, ink, paper, and inkstone, and both were created using lines and strokes as basic elements. Chinese painting and calligraphy strive for brilliant brushwork and lyrical beauty. Although they developed into two independent art forms - calligraphy emphasizing emotional release, and painting focusing on sketching likenesses - for millennia there have been mutual interplay and development. Through constant interaction, the two art forms complemented and enhanced each, were popularly employed in other traditional arts, and continued to thrive even today. With their long history, unique presentation and delicate aesthetics, Chinese painting and calligraphy have played an indispensable role in the deveopment of fine arts in China. 
  The Palace Museum's rich and comprehensive holdings of traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings encompass not only extremely rare early masterpieces but also representative works from every historical period. These works aid in understanding the history of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting. Here, the Palace Museum presents a selection of the finest works to introduce visitors to the classics, share the artistic sophistication, and reveal the profundity of Chinese culture.


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