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Splendors from the Yongle (1403-1424) and Xuande (1426-1435) Reigns of China's Ming Dynasty


Location:The Meridian Gate (Wu men)

Dates: 2010-09-26 through 2011-01-04

In the thousands of years of Chinese civilization, the thirty-three years of the Yongle, Hongxi and Xuande reigns (1403-1435) of the Ming dynasty, although short, was nonetheless a period that won a reputation as the Rule of Ren and Xuan and the high regard of later generations. During those thirty-three years, extraordinary achievements were made in various art forms, among which the most recognized were in porcelain, lacquer, bronze statues, calligraphy and paintings. Reflecting the artistic awareness of the court and the high society of that time, these artifacts exerted far-reaching influence on the development of later Chinese craftsmanship, art of calligraphy and painting.
  In 2010, the Forbidden City is celebrating its 590th anniversary of completion while the Palace Museum turns eighty-five years old. To commemorate such a significant year, we selected over 150 pieces or sets of artifacts related to the Yongle and Xuande era and borrowed thirteen objects from other Chinese museums especially for this exhibition.

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