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Cartier Treasures - King of Jewellers, Jewellers to Kings


Location:The Meridian Gate (Wu men)

Dates: 2009-09-04 through 2009-11-22

The Palace Museum and Cartier now jointly present an exhibition of 346 classic examples of Cartier creations. Through these pieces, visitors will sense the beauty of European art, discover the influence of Chinese culture on European art, and appreciate the unique designs and exquisite techniques of Cartier. The exhibition comprises four sections - "Contribution to the European Royal Courts and the High Society", "Art Deco - Yellow Gold - Flora and Fauna", "Chinese Elements", and "The Compatibility on Cultures of the World". The first two zones reflect European artistic style and the latter are treasures that have been created based on Cartier's absorption of Chinese elements as well as artistic styles from around the world. The exhibits were selected on the basis of historical development and evolution and most were created before 1950s. A small quantity of important works of great artistic value and high technological level created after the 1950s will also be displayed. Visitors with the Palace Museum admission tickets can visit the exhibition without any extra charge. For a single visit of this exhibition, the ticket price is 20 yuan. Visitors can purchase the tickets at the Meridian Gate (Wu men) and enter the gallery directly through the gate.

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