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Spring Festival Paintings in the Qing Imperial Palace


Location:Palace of Prolonging Happiness (Yanxi gong)

Dates: 2007-02-15 through 2007-04-15

The exhibition features Qing court paintings done to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, including twenty-one well-preserved door-god paintings, ten paintings by the Qianlong Emperor (r. 1736-1795) to welcome the new year, and several joint works by domestic and foreign court painters depicting traditional festivities of the emperors and the imperial family. In the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), court painters were assigned auspicious works at the year-end to decorate the imperial palaces in the upcoming Spring Festival (chun jie) - the Chinese Lunar New Year. Courtiers and imperial kinsmen who were good at painting would present their works to the emperors for season’s greetings. Sometimes the emperors would pick up brush-pens themselves to express their happiness and wishes on brushworks at the turn of the year. These festival paintings bear auspicious themes and consummate techniques. Modern technologies for augmenting the visual experience are employed in the gallery to present visitors a scene dating to the new-year beginnings of the prosperous Qianlong era.

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