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Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin


Location:Tower gallery of the Meridian Gate (Wu men)

Dates: 2006-09-28 through 2007-01-08

In their vast history, the Russian people and culture have made an essential and vital contribution to the world of arts. The Moscow Kremlin, with its grand architecture and extraordinary boldness of vision, is one of the world's most famous traditional palaces. Formerly the residence of the Russian tsars, it is now numbered among history's marvels, a treasure house of Russian art and culture. Golden Russia: Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin is the first exhibition of Russian precious artifacts to be displayed at the Palace Museum, presenting 200 exemplary works from the rich collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. It primarily focuses on Russian palace life in the period from the 16th century to the early 20th century. The exhibits include various utensils, costume, weapons, portraits, and sacred Eastern Orthodox objects, representing the luxurious life of the Russian tsars. In honor of the Russia Year in China and the 200th Anniversary of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Palace Museum have collaborated in producing Golden Russia: Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin, an impressive achievement of the cultural exchange between the two nations.

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