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Plate with Canton-Enamel Reserved Panels and Military Crest

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Period: Jiaqing reign (1796-1820), Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Dimensions: height: 2.1 cm; mouth diameter: 11 cm; foot diameter: 5.5 cm

This plate has an open mouth, folded rim, round foot, and shallow, arced sides. The interior, exterior, and underside are covered in white glaze. No artisanal or production markings appear on the work. The exterior surface is plain with a lustrous finish. The interior is ornamented with Canton enamel. From the center moving outward, the ornamentation includes a three-tier arrangement. The interior walls are embellished with four rather large fan-shaped panels divided by smaller fan-shaped panels with a blue ground. The large reserved panels feature chrysanthemum designs. In each of the smaller panels between the four large panels one alum-red chrysanthemum blooms on a gold coin-pattern. The tier around the rim features floral scrolls. The brilliantly colored designs are aesthetically appealing with detailed splendor, especially in the prominent gold, blue, and red tones. The gold affords the viewer a wonderful feeling of grandeur.

This piece was donated to the Palace Museum by Han Wai Toon (Han Huaizhun, 1892–1970).

Chinese entry by Dong Jianli
Translated and edited by Adam J. Ensign and Kang Xiaolu

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