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Loop-Handled Teapot with Ram-Head Spout

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Period: Jiaqing reign (1796-1820), Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Dimensions: overall height with handle 16.8 cm, overall height with cover 10.1 cm, mouth diameter 8.9 cm, foot diameter 6.8 cm

The teapot is made of white jade that is pure in texture and consistency. The round body, cover, and knob are carved in the design of a segmented pumpkin. One side of the body features a spout carved in the shape of a ram“s head. Three handles in the ruyi-scepter design are affixed on the shoulder; these practical and ornamental handles are prominent with their copper-bodied cloisonné. Four intagliated characters (Jiaqing yuyong) mark the center of the underside of the pot; carved using the clerical script, they are translated as “Imperial Use by the Jiaqing Emperor”. Jade teapots were important articles in the daily life of the Qing court and exist in many styles. In addition to the pots with ram-head spouts, other pieces include spouts in the shape of phoenix or dragon heads and others with matching jade cups and plates.
  Having carved the body into a pumpkin shape and the spout in the shape of a ram“s head, the artist combined the themes of fauna and flora. Moreover, the design aggregates the simple elegance of jade wares and the bright colors of enamels. The pot is unique in its modeling and high-quality of material and craftsmanship; it is an incomparable piece from the Jiaqing period of the Qing dynasty.


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