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Lacquer Vessel with Decorative Handles and Painted Geometric Designs

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Period: State of Chu, Warring States period (475-222 BCE)
Dimensions: height: 6 cm, mouth diameter: 18.3-11.4 cm, diameter of base: 12.2-6.6 cm,width (including handles): 15.6 cm

This vessel with decorative handles is crafted using a wooden substrate. The rim of the vessel is oval in shape. The sides are arced, while the base is flat. Decorative handles (er, lit. "ears") embellish two sides. The interior is coated with a vermillion lacquer. In contrast, the exterior and the decorative handles are coated in an ocher lacquer. With geometric designs painted on the handles, the vessel features painted spiral designs on two sides. 
  This vessel was unearthed at the "No. 15 Warring States Tomb of the State of Chu" archaeological site in Fanjiashan, Jiangling County, under the municipal jurisdiction of Jingzhou, Hubei Province. The vessel's substrate is rather thick and rich with characteristic features of Warring States lacquerware. Lacquerware substrates—including those of vessels with handles—from the later Western Han dynasty (206 BCE – 8 CE) are thinner and lighter. The geometric and spiral designs on the vessel are typical of the Warring States and Western Han periods.

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