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Zitan Wood Incense Stand with the Vase Shaped Waist

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Period: Qianlong reign (1736-1795), Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Medium: zitan wood
Dimensions: height: 104 cm, diameter: 35 cm

The square top of this incense stand is contoured with a lip to catch water. Aprons that are carved with cloud pattern adhere to the table top edges from beneath. A vase-shaped "contracted waist" links the top and the lower part of the stand. The vase neck is decorated with a pair of ears carved with scrolling grass pattern. The vase belly is carved with the S-shaped reserved panel, inside which X-shaped flower motifs are carved. Between the "contracted waist" and the "arch shoulders' of the legs are two tiers of panels which are carved with S-shaped cloud design. Cloud patterns are carved in relief all over the decorative aprons skirting the shoulders. Four cabriole legs support this incense stand. Their feet tread on little wooden balls. The upper parts of the legs are embellished with up-turned cloud pattern carvings. To ensure the stability of the stand, legs are linked with a square floor stretcher.
  The artful design of this incense stand is an innovation of carpentry in the Qianlong reign.

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