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Zitan Wood Armchair with Carved Decorations and Cloisonné Marquetry

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Period: Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Medium: zitan wood, boxwood, cloisonné
Dimensions: overall height: 114.8 cm, width: 64.3 cm, depth: 51.4 cm

The armchair is made of zitan wood. Its head rest and the arm rests bend slightly. The back of the chair is carved with scrolling clouds in openwork. The upper part of the splat is inlaid with a boxwood panel in the shape of a stone chime and hanging tassel, while in the middle it is inlaid with a cloisonné panel decorated with Western floral designs. In the center of the back, the splat is carved in relief with a Western style beaded head dress. Western style floral designs also decorate the head rest and aprons below the arm rests. The four legs are linked with stretchers to ensure its steadiness. The inner frames of the legs and the seat are bordered with ornamental aprons. Looking at the proportions of the chair, the seat stretcher is wider than it is deep; its measurements in profile approximate its height lending a pleasing stability. Compared to ordinary chairs, the expenditure on materials was lavish.


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