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Black Lacquer Brush Stand in the shape of a Throne

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Period: Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Medium: black lacquer with gilding
Date: undated
Origin: Qing court collection
Dimensions: height: 21.6 cm, width: 26.5 cm

Coated with black lacquer, this brush stand was designed in the shape of a throne. The back and arm panels are carved in an openwork of interlocking flowers and leaves. On the back panel of the throne among the flowers, there is a bat (a symbol of blessing) arriving on a reserved rectangular panel. This small panel is plain on the front but on the reverse it is painted with landscape and pavilions. Both the seat and the floor stretcher are embellished with medallions of floral motifs. The legs of the throne have a floral shape. Five circular indentations on the floor stretcher correspond to five round holes pierced in the seat so that a brush can be inserted through the hole and rest on the corresponding indentation. 
  This brush stand is decorated all over with gilded tracery. Craftsmen of the Qing dynasty employed various techniques in making brush stands. With a noble and opulent style, this throne-shaped black lacquer brush stand is unique.

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