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Rosewood Sedan Chair

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Period: Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
Medium: rosewood
Origin: Qing court collection
Dimensions: width: 64 cm, depth: 58 cm, height: 107.5 cm

The sedan chair is a round-backed armchair. The arm rests, back splat, and the side posts are decorated with kui-dragon carvings. The kui-dragon has a turned-up snout, and is usually shown in profile with only one leg visible. The three small holes at the bottom of the splat are called "brightening-the-feet opening." Here they are carved in a cloud pattern.

  The bar to lift the chair can be fixed firmly in the recesses at either side of the chair waist. The legs of the chair are standing on a high-waisted footrest, which has a rattan surface. Below the seat an ornamental strip creates a beautifully proportioned opening. Gilt-bronze sheaths wrap the corners of the seat, the waist, and the platform.   
  The curved armrest of the sedan chair was made with a single piece of wood. The lines are rounded and flowing, the carving elegant and refined. Crafted in a simple style, it is a piece of furniture whose pleasant artistic effect has gone beyond its physical function.

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