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"An Agreement on Protecting Juan Qin Zhai" Signed

Updated: 2003-07-09 00:00:00

The Palace Museum signed the "Agreement on Protecting Juan Qin Zhai" with World Monuments Fund (WMF). The project of restoring Juan Qin Zhai in Ning Shou Gong Garden (Qianlong Garden) is expected to be finished in March 2006, with $2,100,000 provided by WMF and technical support from US. The both sides expressed the wish of protecting other ancient architecture in Ning Shou Gong in the agreement. WMF is a New York -based non-profit private organization, which dedicates to the preserving of cultural relics and architecture around the world. It provides support from financial and technical aspects and works at education and publicity of cultural relics. WMF has participated over 300 projects about preserving cultural relics in more than 70 countries and won good reputation since its foundation in 1965. Since 1996, WMF has raised 3,000,000$ for many projects in China. The project of preserving Juan Qin Zhai will concentrate on the indoor fitting up including restoring the paintings on the ceiling. This is a large-scale project of fitting up and restoring indoor by the Palace Museum since the establishment of the People's Republic of China. WMF and the Palace Museum have done some early research on the history, value and preserving situation of Juan Qin Zhai deeply. According to the Protecting Cultural Relic Law of China and the international practice, the Palace Museum has decided to adopt strict traditional Chinese technology in the restoring project, which is very significant. Inheriting the traditional technology is more significant than restoring Juan Qin Zhai itself. The experience will be very good to the ancient architecture preserving and inheritance of intangible cultural property.

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