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Family Visiting with Guider

Updated: 2003-06-14 00:00:00

At present, the SARS disease in Beijing is coming down and controlled effectively. As the largest comprehensive museum and patriotism education base, the Palace Museum has decided to hold a program, "Family Visiting with Guider" in order to enrich the life of the students' spare time. The Palace Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world. It is notable for the magnificent architecture of ancient palaces and the collection of extremely delicate work of art. Since the SARS disease broke out, no diagnosed and suspected SARS cases have been found in the museum's visitors, staff, even in their families. Because visiting the Palace Museum is mostly outdoors, the circumstances are comparatively safe. The Palace Museum has tried to hold the program, "Family Visiting the Palace Museum" during the Spring Festival of 2002, which was welcomed by the students and their parents. The Palace Museum will provide preferential tickets and guider's fees to the participants in this program this year and adopt effective measures to fight against the SARS disease at the same time. The specific measures are listed as follows: 1.Time of the Program: Jun 14th-July 12th, 2003 9:00-10:00 am, 14:00-15:00 pm 2.Participants: Students of Middle School and Primary School and their parents 3.Place: Guiding service in the west of Wu Men (the south entrance of the Palace Museum) 4.Visiting Route Major architecture of the middle and west routes and display of the original state of the Imperial Palace (about one and a half hours) 5.Places to be Visited Wu Men-Tai He Dian-Zhong He Dian-Bao He Dian and Great Stone Carving-Qian Qing Gong-Jiao Tai Dian-Kun Ning Gong-Yu Hua Yuan-Chu Xiu Gong-Chang Chun Gong-Yang Xin Dian 6.Preferential Measures The students and their parents can take the preferential tickets of every RMB20. The audio guide has 2/3 off, ie every RMB5. (eg The tickets are RMB140 for a student and his or her parents, while the preferential tickets and fee of audio guide is RMB75 totally. 7.Precautions against SARS (1)The staff will take the temperatures of the students and their parents. If the results are normal, the "temporary families" composed of 20s persons will visit the Palace Museum with the guider. (2)Every visitor should wear wireless audio guide in order to avoid close contact between the interpreter and the visitors or among the visitors and ensure realization of guiding purpose. (3)The guiders should take their temperatures every day. Those, whose temperatures are normal, can get into their positions. (4)The audio guide is both disinfected strictly before and after use. (5)The visitors can buy tickets at the guiding service. (6)The students and their parents can leave their bicycles for free at the west of the square out of Wu Men. 8.Appointment The individual, school and community can make an appointment. Reception Office: the guiding service in the Palace Museum Consultative Tel: 85117254 Appointment Time: Jun 13th - July 12th, 2003 9:00-15:30 The Palace Museum Jun 10th, 2003

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