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The Palace Museum 2021 Spring Festival Operating Hours

Updated: 2021-02-09 14:44:22

As the 2021 Spring Festival rapidly approaches, the Palace Museum presents the following holiday schedule:

Chinese New Year’s Eve (11 February): Closed

Chinese New Year’s Day (12 February): Open 8:30–16:30 (last entry 15:40)

12–17 February: Open 8:30–16:30 (last entry 15:40)


Ticketing Information
Taking into consideration the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing, the Palace Museum is requiring reservations, limiting the number of daily visitors, and instituting visiting-time intervals with an adjusted daily limit of 30,000 visitors (15,000 visitors in the morning and 15,000 in the afternoon). Visitors may reserve tickets via the Palace Museum’s online ticketing service (gugong.ktmtech.cn) or via the Palace Museum’s sole official WeChat ticketing platform “The Palace Museum Visitor Services” (Gugong bowuyuan guanzhong fuwu) by real-name registration with a second-generation ID card (for Chinese residents) or passport (for foreigners). At the entrance, visitors are required to present their QR health code and identification for scanning and have their temperature taken.


Visiting Information
The Palace Museum’s official website provides information on operating hours, exhibition notices, suggested visiting routes, and other facets of the historical site; visitors may prepare according to their needs. During the 2021 Spring Festival, in order to give visitors an enhanced exhibition-visiting experience, the Palace Museum presents new thematic exhibitions: “Auspiciousness in Fulfilled Wishes: Ruyi Scepters in the Palace Museum Collection” at the Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwu men) and “Honest Prescription, Benevolent Practice: Medicine in the Qing Palace” at the Palace of Eternal Harmony (Yonghe gong). Additional exhibitions during the Spring Festival period include “New Views on Imperial Ceramics: Comparative Exhibition of Archaeological Finds from the Ming Dynasty Imperial Kiln at Jingdezhen and Ceramics Preserved in the Palace Museum Collection” at the Palace of Great Benevolence (Jingren gong), “Across Vast and Distant Deserts: Archaeological Discoveries on the Silk Road (Uzbekistan)” at the Palace of Eternal Longevity (Yongshou gong), and “Odyssey and Homecoming” an exhibition of the art of Cai Guoqiang in the galleries atop the Meridian Gate (Wu men).


Online Events
During this new spring, the Palace Museum’s official website (www.dpm.org.cn) offers visitors a chance to explore the “New Spring Culture ‘Splendid’ Feast Area” (Xinchun wenhua ‘jia’ yan), to enjoy the WeChat applet “The Digital Palace Museum” (Shuzi Gugong), and to experience the Palace Museum’s cultural feast “in the cloud”. The winter session for “The Palace Museum Knowledge Classroom” (Gugong zhishi ketang) has already begun online. “The Digital Storehouse of Cultural Relics” (Shuzi wenwuku) has newly released images of 15,000 objects, and the new version of “The Palace Museum Collection Catalogue” is online and searchable in real time. From the Little New Year (Xiaonian) through Chinese New Year’s Eve, the cats of the Palace Museum will guide visitors in studying lunar new year customs and preparing goods for the festival. From the first day to the seventh day of the first lunar month, the “Palace-Museum Red” (Gugong hong) thematic cultural series will lead participants in a daily unlocking of a new kind of “red”. This ‘splendid’ cultural feast will continue through the Lantern Festival, and the official Palace Museum WeChat account (Wei Gugong) will present special offerings on the day of the Lantern Festival. Moreover, unique Palace-Museum themed red-envelopes on WeChat will be available before the Spring Festival to allow visitors a chance to share distinctive cultural greetings.

Additional Reminders
1. Since visitor numbers are rather high during the Spring Festival, please appropriately plan your visiting schedule. Masks and social distancing are required in galleries.
2. In order to maintain an orderly visit, please do not litter, climb on rockery, graffiti any surface, or cross barriers. All are requested to jointly maintain the Museum’s clean, orderly environment and participate in the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Palace Museum
9 February 2021


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