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The Palace Museum, Peking University, and Dunhuang Academy Sign Strategic Agreement

Updated: 2019-10-20 09:10:48


In order to comprehensively implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important talk on the protection of cultural heritage, advance the resoluteness of cultural confidence, research and develop excellent traditional Chinese culture, and exhibit the charisma and contemporary elegance of Chinese culture, the Palace Museum, Peking University, and Dunhuang Academy jointly held a symposium regarding an agreement of strategic partnership on the afternoon of 20 October 2019 at the Studio of Esteemed Excellence (Jingsheng zhai) in the garden of the Palace of Established Happiness (Jianfu gong). That afternoon, an agreement was signed to launch the strategic partnership, which will further develop endeavors such as the protection and research of cultural heritage and training talented professionals.


During the signing at the symposium, the three parties agreed to the principles of maintaining a long term perspective, complementing advantages, and requiring effectiveness. With the launch of the cooperation, Peking University will engage the academic strength of scholars and resources in the Department of History, School of Archaeology and Museology, School of Arts, and other departments and schools. Meanwhile, the Palace Museum and Dunhuang Academy will take advantage of their wealth of resources and established research. These combined strengths will serve to establish a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research cooperative able to realize the inherent potential of tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage resources. Peking University will also contribute to these efforts with cloud computing, big data, internet plus, artificial intelligence, and other technical and innovative capabilities which will be used to excavate and protect cultural heritage, transmit and continue legacies with cutting edge technology, and raise the standard of technological application to cultural heritage work. The three parties will collectively promote the accelerated construction of China’s system for technological innovation in the field of cultural heritage and make breakthroughs through research, key technologies, important national facilities, and standardization; will encourage and support specialists in applying for national and provincial level research projects and participating in resolving important problems through large-scale topical projects; and will jointly organize and curate internationally influential exhibitions of cultural heritage and art and promote research on the culture of the Forbidden City and Dunhuang while participating in the construction of “One Belt, One Road” through strengthened cultural communication with associated counties and peoples.


The Palace Museum and Peking University have signed a collaborative agreement to build a research center as a platform for professional training in the fields of museology and cultural heritage protection and research. Peking University will establish a base at the Palace Museum through which students may engage in practical internships or doctoral research under the guidance of the Museum’s specialists in court history, heritage architecture, ancient calligraphy and painting, ancient ceramics, and museology. Peking University will employ scholarly assets in the Department of History, School of Archaeology and Museology, School of Arts, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Chinese Studies, and other departments and schools. With the combined efforts of the two parties and domestic and international academia, the partnership will produce important research related to the Palace Museum.

The strategic partnership between the Palace Museum, Peking University, and Dunhuang Academy brings together resource advantages and expands the protection and application of cultural heritage in this new era with the aim to tirelessly promote innovative academic research and the excellence of traditional Chinese culture.

Translated and edited by Adam J. Ensign and Zhuang Ying

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