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Gugong Institute Branch and Gugong Lecture Series Officially Established in Shenyang

Updated: 2019-05-18 16:57:53

On May 18, 2019, the Palace Museum and the Shenyang Palace Museum officially established the Gugong Institute of Shenyang. Director Shan Jixiang, the former director of the Palace Museum and current director of the Gugong Institute; Deputy-Director Zhao Guoying of the Palace Museum; Director Guan Ronghui of the Shenyang Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, and Television; Party Secretary Guo Chunxiu of the Shenyang Palace Museum; and many other leaders with honored guests were present at the establishment ceremony, which centered on signing the official agreement and revealing the institute’s sign.


The Gugong Institute was established in 2013 by the Palace Museum as an educational organization for professional training. Branches have already been established in Suzhou, Jingdezhen, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Kaifeng and have been highly influential in the museum industry and society at large. The institute was founded to meet the needs of China’s museums and cultural-heritage protection industries and centered around the Palace Museum’s overall development. Directed towards the institute itself, the museum industry, the nation, and the world, it aims to provide multifaceted educational training and cultural media for museum development and instruction for talented personnel by promoting museological research and development and improving museum education and services.


During the ceremony, Director Shan Jixiang—the former director of the Palace Museum and current director of the Gugong Institute—expressed his hope of sharing the Palace Museum’s wealth of experience in the areas of cultural development and innovation with the city of Shenyang and how, with the two organizations’ united efforts, the Gugong Institute (Shenyang) will make significant contributions in academic research and museum training.


The Palace Museum’s Deputy-Director Zhao Guoying and the Shenyang Palace Museum’s Party Secretary Guo Chunxiu represented the two parties in signing the official agreement of cooperation. Director Shan Jixiang, Director Guan Ronghui, Deputy-Director Zhao Guoying, and Party Secretary Guo Chunxiu jointly revealed the sign. After the signing of the agreement and the revealing of the sign, Shan Jixiang spoke on the topic “From ‘Gugong’ to ‘The Palace Museum’—Establishing Cultural Confidence as the Loyal Protector of Chinese Culture” in the first lecture of the Gugong Lecture Series of Shenyang. In his lecture, he discussed recent improvements at the Forbidden City, an open approach to museum services, the “Safe Museum, Secure Palace” (Ping’an Gugong) project with its implementation of disaster-prevention technologies, and other aspects of the museum’s development involving academic research, gallery installation, and commercial innovations. Receiving thunderous applause, Shan Jixiang’s clever yet modest presentation helped those in attendance come to a deep understanding of the Palace Museum’s new image of humanistic concern and openness of thought.


Translated and edited by Adam J. Ensign and Zhuang Ying

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