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Security Department


The main duties of the Security Department are as follows: prevent fires, theft, explosions, and damage; announce safety regulations; ensure all safety protocols are implemented; administer rewards and punishments regarding safety issues; plan educational strategies for safety protocols; train museum personnel in safety protocols; and maintain all fire prevention protocols and equipment. The department is also responsible for the safety of the Museum’s collection. The associated duties are as follows: maintain advanced security systems and technology; ensure the protection of underground collection warehouses; and supervise the process of loaning pieces of the collection to outside entities. As to internal security, the department is required to supervise high priority individuals; prevent dangerous substances from entering the Museum; inspect proofs of identity of all persons entering or exiting the premises; ensure the personal safety of prestigious guests and visiting dignitaries; administrate the sale and inspection of admission tickets; oversee twenty-four hour surveillance; inspect all persons and objects entering or exiting the Museum; manage internal transportation and parking; coordinate with the Museum’s police office; and prevent theft and all other illegal activities.


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