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The Palace Museum Library is responsible for the care and research of books and documents in the collection. The Library’s collection includes rare books, historic documents, books and documents from the Ming and Qing imperial collection, and other ancient and classical books and documents. The primary duties of the Library are as follows: preserve and manage the Museum’s collection of books and documents; acquire new additions for the collection; catalogue items in the collection; maintain circulation services; process reading and borrowing inquiries; repair damaged materials; research and develop new library services; digitize documents; develop new strategies for the preservation, use, and research of ancient and classical documents and books; systematize the collection based on content, type, and grade; organize regular displays and announcements for certain holdings in the collection; provide consultation and information for the publication, research, display, and conservation of art and other objects in the Museum’s collection; facilitate searches, applications, and photocopying; receive outside readers that are specially permitted by the Museum administration; provide regular reports on cataloguing updates; research and develop practical applications for specific documents; provide services to meet the recreational reading needs of personnel; and represent the Museum in communications and cooperative efforts with entities associated with museology, archival studies, and library information services.

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