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Research Administration Department


The Research Administration Department serves to coordinate and manage research and academic publication. It is also the executive office of the Museum’s academic committee. A research body itself, the department conducts academic research; authenticates artifacts; organizes authentication seminars and curatorial lectures; translates books, articles, and catalogues related to the Palace Museum; and handles international correspondence. The primary duties of the department are as follows: formulate research plans and strategies; organize national and provincial research projects; advise the administrative office on decisions concerning important research or curatorial projects; coordinate with domestic and foreign entities and foundations in organizing research projects; provide essential services for the Museum’s academic committee’s research and publications; publish the Palace Museum Journal (Gugong bowuyuan yuankan); assist in large-scale academic publications; organize museum conferences and academic training sessions; provide essential services for experts and scholars and related curatorial personnel; coordinate the evaluation of the Palace Museum’s intangible cultural heritage; and provide assistance and necessary services for academic activities.

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