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ZHAO Guoying



Born in 1963, Zhao Guoying notes her ancestral home as Hunyuan, Shanxi Province. From September 1980 to June 1987, she studied cultural heritage and museology at Nankai University in the history department, from which she received her Bachelor of History and master’s degree. From September 2000 to July 2003, she studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and earned her doctorate in art history.

Beginning her career in July 1987, Zhao Guoying worked in the editorial office for ancient art at the People's Fine Arts Publishing House from July 1987 until January 2004. Beginning in February 2004, she worked in the Forbidden City Publishing House and, then, the Palace Museum Calligraphy and Painting Education Center. Beginning in January 2006, she worked as the deputy-editor in chief for the Forbidden City Publishing House while serving as the director of the Publishing House’s office for calligraphy and painting. In July 2010, she began working as the editor in chief for the Forbidden City Publishing House. In May 2013, she began as the director of the department of publications of the Calligraphy and Painting Education Center while serving as the editor in chief of the Forbidden City Publishing House. In February 2017, she began directing the research office and serving as a member of the Palace Museum’s academic committee, chief editor of the Palace Museum Journal, and deputy-chair of the Forbidden City Society. Since November 2018, she has been a deputy-director at the Palace Museum.

Zhao Guoying has been involved in the planning, editing, and directing of the following publications: The Complete Calligraphic Works of Mi Fu (Mi Fu shufa quanji), Precious Collection of the Stone Moat (Shiqu baoji), The Palace Museum Painting Catalogue (Gugong huapu), The Palace Museum Collection of Renowned Calligraphic Works from Successive Dynasties (Gugong zhencang lidai mingjia moji), Grand View of the Finest Chinese Calligraphy from Successive Dynasties (Zhongguo lidai fashu jingpin daguan), The Collected Works of Xu Bangda (Xu Bangda ji), Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum (Gugong bowuyuan cangpin daxi), and Classics of the Forbidden City (Gugong jingdian). Her publications have received national-level prizes for excellent art publication from various organizations and the national government. In addition to her book The Painting of Wang Jian (Wang Jian huihua yanjiu), she has published various academic articles, including “The Private Authentication and Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings in the Early-Qing” (Qingchu sijia shuhua jiancang yanjiu) and “Looking at the Correlation between Painting and Authentication and Collection of the Late-Ming and Early-Qing from the Perspective of Wang Jian’s Paintings” (Cong Wang Jian huihua yanjiu kan Mingmo Qingchu huihua yu jiancang de guanxi).

Translated by Adam J. Ensign

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