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YAN Hongbin



Born in February 1962, Yan Hongbin is Han-Chinese and from Wenshui, Shanxi Province. He holds a graduate level degree and is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and a fellow at the Palace Museum. From November 1980 to December 1983, he worked for the Chinese military. From December 1983 to February 1992, he worked, first, in the Palace Museum’s Human Resources Department and, then, in the Museum’s Youth League Committee. From July 1987, he served as an officer (sub-office level) in the Youth League Committee, and, from April 1988, as the secretary (sub-section level) of the Youth League Committee. From February 1992, he began working as the deputy-director of the Museum’s Department of Public Work. From April 1998 to February 2005, he began serving as the Museum’s director of the Department of Exhibitions, Publicity, and Education. From February 2005 to November 2018, he directed the Museum’s Department of Publicity and Education (The International Council of Museum‘s International Training Centre for Museum Studies at the Palace Museum). In November 2018, he was appointed as a deputy-director of the Palace Museum.

Throughout his career, Yan Hongbin has worked in the area of museum publicity and education and now overseas publicity, education, exhibitions, publications, and other areas. Having published various academic papers, he primarily focuses on the fields of museum publicity and education.

His works include “On the Innovation of the Audio Guide Service for Special Exhibitions at the Palace Museum” (Lun Gugong tezhan yuyin daolan fuwu de chuangxin) in Museum (Bowuyuan) no. 6, 2018; “Museum Volunteers for Social Progress and Development in the Case of the Palace Museum” (Tuidong shehui jinbu yu fahan de bowuguan zhiyuanzhe—yi Gugong bowuyuan wei li), 2018; “Investigating the World and Rectifying the Heart: Proceedings of the 2017 Museum Volunteer Forum” (Gewu zhengxin: 2017 nian bowuguan zhiyuanzhe luntan wenji), 2018; “Original Décor Lighting Based in Cultural Heritage Protection in the Case of Lighting Design for Original Décor at the Palace Museum” in Chinese Museum (Zhongguo Bowuguan) no. 3, 2017; and Museum Education Research and Practice (Bowuguan jiaoyu yu shijian) (Part I) 2017.

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