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ZHU Hongwen



Zhu Hongwen was born in October 1971 and is from Fuping County, Shaanxi Province. She is Han-Chinese, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and a research-fellow at the Palace Museum. She received a doctorate after completing her education at Peking University's history department in 1998. Entering the workforce in July 1997, she began working in the Palace Museum's Director’s Office in July 1998. From March 2004 to January 2006, she served as the director of the secretarial division. From January 2006, she concurrently served as the deputy-head of the Director’s Office and the director of the secretarial division. Beginning in November 2012, she headed the Director’s Office. In December 2017, Zhu was appointed by the Party leadership of the Ministry of Culture to the position of secretary for the Palace Museum's Commission for Discipline Inspection. In July 2020, Ms. Zhu was promoted as a deputy director of the Palace Museum. Additionally, she serves as a member of the board of supervisors for the Forbidden City Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation.

Zhu Hongwen was the editor-in-chief of Ninety Years of the Palace Museum (Gugong bowuyuan jiushi nian) and The Early History of the Palace Museum: 1925–1949 (Gugong bowuyuan zaoqi yuanshi 1925-1949); she planned and edited other works including Compiled Archives from the Palace Museum: Work Reports from 1925–1949 (Gugong bowuyuan dang’an huibian: gongzuo baogao 1925-1949) and Palace Museum Service—A Study of the Palace Museum’s Model for Tourism and Public Services (Gugong fuwu—Gugong lüyou gonggong fuwu moshi yanjiu). She has served as the deputy-editor-in-chief or editor-in-chief of The Palace Museum Annual Report (Gugong bowuyuan nianjian) since its inception in 2004. She wrote The Palace Museum 2011–2015 Work Plan (Gugong bowuyuan 2011-2015 nian gongzuo jihua) and Survey for Long Term Development at the Palace Museum (Gugong bowuyuan zhong changqi fazhan diaoyan baogao) and organized the drafting of Implementation of the “Safe Museum, Secure Palace” Project (“Ping’an Gugong” gongcheng xiangmu shishi gangyao) and “Safe Museum, Secure Palace” Project Strategy (“Ping’an Gugong” gongcheng xiangmu fang’an). She coordinated the production of several documentaries, promotionals, and cultural programs such as Masters in the Forbidden City (Wo zai gugong xiu wenwu), National Treasure (Guojia baocang), and There's Something New in the Palace Museum (Shangxinle Gugong). She is the author of Eternal Cultural Mission—Ninety Years of the Palace Museum (Yongheng de wenhua shiming—Gugong bowuyuan jiushinian ji), Guiding Public Opinion on Press Releases, Emergency Incidents, and Hot Issues (Xinwen fabu he tufa shijian ji redian wenti yulun yindao), The Positive Interactions behind the Special Exhibition on the Precious Collection of the Stone Moat (Shiqu tezhan beihou de liangxing hudong), and Analysis of the Palace Museum Indecent-Photography Incident and Subsequent Response (Gugong buyazhao shijian ji yingdui fenxi).

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