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REN Wanping


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Research fellow and member of the Chinese Communist Party, Ms. Ren Wanping was born in 1964 in Heilongjiang Province. She graduated with a master’s degree in history from Jilin University in 1990.

In August of 1990, Ms. Ren began her career at the Palace Museum. She rose as the chief of the Historic Installation Section in 2002 to the director of the Department of Objects and Decorative Arts in 2012. In 2015, Ms. Ren was promoted as a deputy director of the Palace Museum. Meanwhile, she is a member of the Palace Museum’s Academic Committee, deputy director of the Institute of Ming and Qing Archival Research, deputy director of the Institute for the Study of Ming and Qing Craftsmanship (both institutes are affiliated to the Palace Museum Research Institute), secretary-general of the Society for Qing Palace History under the Association of Chinese History, and a specialist with the National Project for the Compilation of Qing Dynasty History.   

Ms. Ren primarily focuses on Qing dynasty political administration and the study of rites, specifically Qing dynasty palace rites. She has developed an evidential methodology, which integrates academic publications, archival resources, and the examination of historic objects in her analysis of the origin and transformation of palace customs and rites. In recent years, she has introduced image studies to her methodology for verifying, supplementing, and deciphering  Qing dynasty archives and documents.    Interpreting the cultural significance hidden within the Qing dynasty palace rites for audiences worldwide, Ms. Ren Wanping has given lectures in overseas cultural organizations and universities.   

Additionally, Ms. Ren Wanping has curated and directed a number of exhibitions in the PalaceMuseum, including the “Qing Emperors’ Grand Weddings”, “The Qing Imperial Birthday Celebrations”, the restoration of the wedding chamber in the Palace of Earthly Tranquility, and “The World Rejoices As One: Celebrating Imperial Birthdays in the Qing Dynasty”. Furthermore, she participated in and directed numerous themed and comprehensive exhibitions nationwide and overseas.   

She has published three monographs, numerous papers, and participated in the compilation of various works.

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