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SHAN Jixiang


Senior architect, registered city planner

Dr. Shan Jixiang started his research on the conservation and planning of historical cities and cultural heritage areas while studying in Japan from 1980 to 1984. After retuning to China, he was successively appointed deputy director of Beijing Municipal Administration of City Planning, director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, secretary of the CPC of Fangshan District of Beijing, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, and director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In 2012 he became the director of the Palace Museum. 

  He has been the member of both tenth and the eleventh National Committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and is a member of the twelfth National Committee of the CPPCC, president of Cultural Relics Society of China, and vice chairperson of the Architectural Society of China. 

  A student of China’s renowned academician, Professor Wu Liangyong (b.1922), Dr. Shan graduated from the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University and received the Eng.D degree. He is a doctoral supervisor and adjunct professor of a number of universities and colleges, including Peking University and Tsinghua University. In March, 2005, Dr. Shan received the International Leadership Award issued by the American Planning Association (APA).


Major publications:

1. Secure Palace Museum• Thoughts and Practice : Collected Works of the Renchen Year, Beijing: Palace Museum Publishing House, 2013

2. Cultural Heritage• Thoughts and Practice (10 volumes), Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2012

3. From "Gallery Space" to "Boundless Universe": Contemplating the Museum in a Broader Sense, Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2011

4. Retaining the "Root" and "Soul" of Urban Culture: The Exploration and Practice on Preserving China's Cultural Heritage, Beijing: Science Press, 2010

5. Cultural Heritage Conservation and Urban Culture Renaissance, Beijing: China Architecture and Building Press, 2009 

6. Entering the World of Cultural Landscape Heritage, Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2009

7. From "Cultural Relics Preservation" to "Cultural Heritage Protection", Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2008

8. From "Functional City" to "Cultural City", Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2007

9. Urban Development and Cultural Heritage Preservation, Tianjin: Tianjin University Press, 2006

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