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In January 2014, he was promoted as the Deputy Director of the Palace Museum.

Mr. LOU Wei was born in Beijing in October 1970. A member of the Communist Party of China, he has a Bachelor of Arts in History and completed graduate work at the School of Arts, Peking University from 2000–2002, during which time he also worked in the auxiliary research center. With abundant experience at the Palace Museum, he has been employed here since 1993. Beginning in the Custodial Department and Department of Paintings and Calligraphy from August 1993 until April 2001, Mr. Lou then served as Section Chief of the Coordination Section in the Director's Office from April 2001 until February 2004. Then, from February of 2004 until February 2008, he worked as the Deputy Director of the Collection Management Department, being promoted to Department Director in March of 2008, a position he continues to hold to this day. In October 2012, he also began his work as an Assistant to the Museum Director (director level), which entails his current management of the Collection Management Department; Facilities, Planning and Construction Office; Department of Construction Management; Center for Repair and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture; and the Management Department of the Museum’s North Branch. In January 2014, he was promoted as the Deputy Director of the Palace Museum.

His previous honors and awards include the Ministry of Culture Young Adult Job Performance Award in 2002, the Ministry of Culture Outstanding Young Adult Award in 2004, and selection as a committee member at the Second Conference of the Ministry of Culture Youth Federation.

He has been involved in museum collection management and ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting from the beginning of his career. As to his management experience, he successively participated in the drafting and revision of significant work programs and regulations in The Palace Museum Comprehensive Development Plan, 2003-2020 (Gugong bowuyuan 2003–2020 nian fazhan zongti guihua gangyao), The Palace Museum Collection Management Work Plan, 2004–2010 (Gugong bowuyuan 2004–2010 nian wenwu guanli gongzuo guihua), The Palace Museum Collection Management Regulations (Gugong bowuyuan cangpin guanli guiding), among others. Additionally, he participated in organizing and implementing the collection inventory inspection project and the acquisition of late Western Zhou bronze Kezhong, An Ode to Dispatching Troops - penned anonymously in the Sui dynasty - (Suiren shu chushi song), The Combined Calligraphy Scroll of Ming Emperors Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Houcong (Ming Zhu Yuancong, Zhu Houcong shufa hejuan), and other pieces. With stringent daily management of the collection, Mr. Lou actively promotes the Museum as he cooperates with other intra-national museological organizations. Regarding his research work, he has progressively developed his own research perspectives. With guiding questions of historical preservation and circulation as well as catalogue documentation, he primarily focuses on the style and works of painters of the Ming dynasty Wu School and those in and around the Lake Tai river basin. He has successively published papers on authentication and research in Cultural Relics (Wenwu), the Palace Museum Journal (Gugong bowuyuan yuankan), Journal of the National Museum of Chinese History (Zhongguo lishi wenwu), and others, in addition to one monograph. Furthermore, he independently completed the academy-level research project The Life and Art of Yao Shou (Yao Shou de shengping he yishu), directed large-scale exhibitions like Court Painting under the Qianlong Emperor (Qianlong shidai de gongting huihua), and participated in the compilation of several volumes of paintings in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum (Gugong bowuyuan cang wenwu zhenpin quanji).

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