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Mr. WANG Yamin, born 1959, is the Executive Deputy Director of the Palace Museum. His political affiliations include membership in the Ninth Hebei Provincial Committee of the 2003 Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Communist Party of China (CPC). He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 1982 from Hebei University in Baoding. His professional experience includes the following positions:Editor, Director of the Editorial Office, and Deputy Director, People’s Press of Hebei, 1982-1992; Director, Chief Editor, and CPC Chairman, Hebei Education Press, 1992-2004; Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee, Deputy Director, General Press of Hebei, 2004-2006; Director,  The Forbidden City Publishing House, 2006-present; Deputy Director, The Palace Museum, 2007-2013; and Executive Deputy Director, The Palace Museum, 2014-present. 

  Outside the museum, he has the following roles: Member, Chinese Writers’ Association, 1995-present; Council Member, Publishers’ Association of China; Graduate Student Advisor, School of Communication, Hebei University; Honored Research Fellow, Hebei Academy of Social Sciences; Research and Fellow, Research Institute of Press and Communication, Nanjing University. Received honors and awards include: “Young Expert Exceptional Contribution” Award, Hebei Provicial Government, 1992; Taofen Publishing Award, 1999; “Talented Personnel”, Chinese cultural and publicity circles, 2005; Recipient of State Council Grant, 2006; and “Leading Press and Publishing Professional” Award, 2007. 

  Mr. Wang Yamin has been involved in the publication of a wide range of nationally and provincially recognized books, including Complete Works of Li Dazhao, Modern Academic Canons of China, Twenty-first Century Literary Canons, Complete Works of Shakespeare: New Edition, and Historic Album of Mei Lanfang’s Peking Opera. During his twelve-year term in the Hebei Education Press, he successfully spread the renown of the press through publications in education, culture, and art. Eighteen of these books received prestigious rewards. He received the "National Award for Fine Publishing" in 1996 from the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China and was named the “All China Good Press” and the “National Award for Outstanding Publishing” in 1998.

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