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FENG Nai'en



Mr. Feng Nai'en was born in 1968 in Liaoning Province. He graduated from Nankai University in 1990, with a Bachelor's degree in Museology.
  Mr. Feng joined the Palace Museum in 1990. His areas of specialty is traditional handicrafteds including jade objects, enamel ware, objects made of bamboo, wood, ivory, rhinoceros' horn, and gourd, as well as lacquerware. He curated or participated in the curatorship of many special exhibitions. He also studied traditional glass ware under Mr. Yang Boda (b.1927). He was deputy director of the Decorative Crafts Section under the Exhibition Department in 1998, secretary of the Museum's Youth League Committee in 2000, head of the Director's Office and the Museum's Spokesperson in 2004, and Director's assistant in 2010. In 2012, he was appointed deputy director of the Palace Museum by the Communist Party Committee (CPC) of the Ministry of Culture. He is also executive member and secretary-general of the Forbidden City Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation, executive director and deputy secretary-general of China's Jade Study Society.
  His major publications include:

1. General History of Chinese Art: the Ming Dynasty: Chapter of Decorative Crafts

2. Selected Ancient Jades

3. Biographies of China's Handicraftsmen in the Past 

4. Authenticating and Appreciating Ancient Jades 

5. Authenticating and Appreciating Ancient Glassware 

6. Art History of the Ming Dynasty: Decorative Crafts


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