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Institute of International Cultural Exchange


The institute’s duties and functions are:

  1. Research the diplomatic policy of the court, the Silk Road, and artistic, literary, and scientific exchange.

  2. Conduct research using the Museum’s international collection and relevant court documents, and provide academic support for exhibitions of said collection.

  3. Study and organize documents recording past events of international cultural exchange since the founding of the Palace Museum in order to provide reference and support for the Museum’s future work on assisting with national diplomatic and cultural strategies.

Institute of International Cultural Exchange is one of the six recently launched institutes. Its short term research schedule (2016 - 2020) is as follows:

  1. For the next one or two years, conduct research on the Jesuit artists’ scientific and cultural undertakings during their tenure in the Ming and Qing courts, and organize academic conferences in collaboration with universities overseas.

  2. Initiate the research project of the Museum’s Russian collection, and make selections to supplement the exhibition of the Museum’s international collection.

  3. Conduct research on the understudied items in the international collection, and improve the skills of research on international objects (project in progress).

  4. Study items in the Museum’s collection that are related to the Silk Road.

  5. Compile and publish documents of diplomatic activities of the Ming and Qing courts (Mingqing gongting waijiao huodong dang’an) in the form of annals, as a reference material for scholars to study the diplomatic relations between China and other parts of the world.

  This institute is affiliated with the Research Office.

  Director: Yu Hui

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