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Ceramics Institute


The institute’s duties and functions are:

  1. Conduct research on Chinese ceramics in the Palace Museum collection and other museums worldwide and those unearthed at archaeological sites.

  2. Study various aspects of ceramics, including i) the material, techniques, and composition of ancient ceramics of different periods and origins; ii) the dating and authentication of ancient ceramics; and iii) the techniques of scientific preservation, restoration, and replication.

  3. Consult specialists, both Chinese and international, for unique perspectives on the research, preservation, and exhibition of ancient ceramics and for training young professionals in ancient ceramics.

Ceramics Institute is one of the six recently launched institutes. Its short term research schedule is as follows:

  1. October 2015 to October 2017: Develop research on Ge ceramics, which is the last segment of the larger work on the five famous kilns.

  2. October 2017 to October 2019: Launch the research project on Long quan ceramics.

  3. October 2019 to October 2020: Collaborate with the Taipei Palace Museum a comprehensive research project on the five famous kilns. The two museums will hold exhibitions on the five famous kilns, respectively; organize an academic conference on this topic, either collaboratively or respectively; and publish a catalogue and a paper collection, collaboratively or respectively. This work is intended to be the conclusion of the institute’s research on the five famous kilns.

  This institute is affiliated with the Department of Objects and Decorative Arts.

  Director: Lü Chenglong, Deputy Director: Lei Yong

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