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Selections from Sun Yingzhou's Ceramics Donation


Born in Ji County, Hebei Province, Sun Yingzhou (1893-1966) was a famous collector and connoisseur of pottery and porcelain. As a young man he worked for Tong Chun Yong and several other antique shops in Beijing. In 1923 he opened his own antique shop, Dunhua Zhai, and operated it successfully. His growing interest in ancient Chinese ceramics was to result in a large personal collection of pottery and porcelain. Since 1949, the Palace Museum has accepted many private donations of cultural relics. In the 1950s and 1960s, its collection was greatly enriched by the gift of over 3,000 relics from Sun, which included many treasures from the most famous kilns. In 1956 Sun was invited to work in the Palace Museum as a researcher and appraiser of ancient ceramics. In due course he distilled his considerable experience into a number of publications and passed it on by training a new generation of museum specialists. On the 110th anniversary of his birthday, we have selected 60 pieces of ceramics from his donations to hold this online exhibition in his memory. (Column Master:Lü Chenglong)

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