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Jadeite at the Imperial Court


The Palace Museum has a collection of over 800 ancient jadeite objects, which makes it the largest jadeite collection in the world. Whether informal seals, jewelry, accessories, or other treasures, most of the jadeite items date to the mid and late period of the Qing dynasty. However, even during this period, one can see distinct differences in the criteria for selecting jadeite and the objects created. During the Qianlong period, jadeite was largely made into home furnishings, eating utensils, and accessories. Jadeite with translucency and luster was highly prized by imperial collectors. A few decades later, toward the end of the Qing dynasty, jadeite was primarily made into jewelry and accessories. Jadeite materials with a glassy texture were most popular.
  Thanks to the growing public attention to art collecting, more people are aware of the value of jadeite. Now it is acclaimed as the king of jade stones. The fifty items selected from the Palace Museum collection are displayed here to whet the appetite of jadeite fans.

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