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Digital Gallery @ Gate of Correct Deportment (Duan Men)




The Digital Gallery at the Gate of Correct Deportment (Duanmen) blends magnificent heritage architecture with dynamic new technologies. This unique space not only shows the exquisite interior décor of architecture in the Forbidden City, but also exhibits in digital formats many works of art that are too fragile to display in permanent galleries. Visitors may experience an exciting beginning to their tour with state-of-the-art interfaces and an exploration of ancient art and architecture.

  The first exhibit in the Digital Gallery is entitled "The Place is a Museum". A digital interactive LED floor is the centerpiece of the grand hall . This massive interface offers an immersive, panoramic view of the Forbidden City and recounts the palace’s past and its development into a modern venue. On the east side of this space are interactive programs showcasing an exquisite selection from the Museum’s collection. Additionally, this area features a virtual reality cinema that presents the imperial palace from a unique perspective in The Forbidden City: The Palace for the Son of Heaven.

  The Digital Gallery is the product of more than a decade of achievement and exploration and serves as a tribute to the ninetieth anniversary of the establishment of the Palace Museum.

Digital Handscrolls

Handscroll painting is one of the predominant formats of Chinese painting. These works are painted on a continuous roll of paper or silk and feature panoramas or narratives. This interactive program leads users on an educational tour of select historical scenes.


Digital Calligraphy

This interactive program presents high-definition images of exemplary calligraphy—the masterpieces of notable calligraphers-for amplified reading an digital ink technology that represents handwriting in its natural form. Users may explore the ancient art in a new, exciting way.


Digital Paintings

The Palace Museum houses a rich collection of distinguished paintings. This interactive program present high-definition images that reveal the details of each brush stroke and conveys the Museum’s mission to honor classic works and lead visitors in art appreciation.


Digital Treasury

With one of the most diverse collections of Chinese cultural heritage, the Palace Museum contains a wealth of imperial treasures. This interactive program presents a broad selection of magnificent pieces in 3D tactile models.


Digital Court

This immersive 3D CAVE environment surrounds the visitor with 270° of screens and HD projections. The interface provides multiple users with a portal into the original imperial court and allows them an unprecedented view of the regal interior.


Digital Textiles

The Palace Museum has over 180,000 exquisite works of textiles and embroidery. With a constant need for careful preservation, the works are seldom presented to the public. Now, users can enjoy these elaborate works through interactive screens and learn about the symbolism and techniques used in production.


Digital Wardrobe

The imperial wardrobe of the Qing dynasty has long been celebrated for its meticulous tailoring and exquisite design. This interactive program displays an unrivaled selection of the Museum’s unique collection of imperial dress. Additionally, various illustrations demonstrate the cultural connotations associated with various garments. One exciting activity offers articles of clothing that have been faithfully rendered in a digital format for users to digitally try on.


Digital Interactive Hall

This interactive exhibit displays a wealth of high-resolution 3D panoramic architectural models.

  Designated mobile devices enable users to control the display on the LED screens installed in the floor and around the hall. The digital 3D map introduces various aspects of the Forbidden City.


Virtual Reality Cinema

The virtual reality cinema features a large curved projection screen to display The Forbidden City: The Palace for the Son of Heaven VR film series . The series is based on a high precision 3D model database and presents a unique perspective of the magnificence of the Forbidden City.


Reservation is needed to visit the Digital Gallery at the Gate of Correct Deportment. Visit our news page for more information about online booking.

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