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The Calligraphy and Painting Gallery



Location:The Hall of Martial Valor (Wuying dian)

If you walk to the west along the winding Inner Golden River (Nei jinshui he) from the quadrangle that precedes the Gate of Supreme Harmony, you will find a secluded courtyard guarded by a pair of stone lions. Crossing one of three white marble bridges that span the river, you will approach the Hall of Martial Valor (Wuying dian) courtyard where the Museum’s Calligraphy and Painting Gallery is located.

    The courtyard is the former studio of court painters during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). During the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), it served as the former imperial editorial office and printshop where books and other materials were amended, compiled, and printed with carved wooden blocks. For centuries this courtyard has been a center of imperial cultural activity.

    The main structure in the courtyard is called the Hall of Martial Valor. This ancient architecture has served as a modern exhibition gallery since 2005. The gallery showcases the Museum’s expansive collection of dynastic paintings and calligraphic works. Most of these works were originally part of the Qing imperial family’s collection. Having been personally authenticated by various emperors, these exquisite pieces are listed in Qing imperial art catalogues.

    The gallery is opened from spring to autumn. The gallery’s winter off-season ensures the adequate protection of fragile paintings and calligraphy. Admission is free with the purchase of a general admission ticket.

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