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Activities at the Palace Museum for the 41st Annual International Museum Day

Updated: 2017-05-19 14:47:17

18 May 2017 – 41st Annual International Museum Day
On this festive day for museums across the globe, the Palace Museum planned a variety of activities in line with President Xi Jinping's directive "Let Cultural Relics Come Alive" (Rang wenwu huoqilai). These activities included on-site exploration of the Palace Museum's collection, an art workshop for students, volunteer guides, cultural performances, and vendors selling creative and educational products.

Attended by 150 invited participants, the on-site art exploration program's three main activities focused on the Museum's imperial wardrobe, architecture, and ceramics. Meanwhile, many volunteers offered their time to provide information and guidance for tours in the large courtyard south of the Gate of Supreme Harmony (Taihe men) and at the entrances to main galleries. Their services allowed visitors to strategically plan their visits with an economical use of time and direct routes through the palatial complex.


Forty primary school students came to the Forbidden City from the Shuangyushu neighborhood in Beijing's Haidian District to attend the art workshop, during which the students painted parasols with their own unique designs. Through this activity, the organizers aimed to introduce students to the educational function of the Museum's collection, stimulate the students' skills of observation and expression through practical art projects, and deepen their understanding of traditional culture.


New Website and App
As a grand finale of this year's International Museum Day, a release ceremony for The Palace Museum Community (Chinese: Gugong shequ) app was held at the Palace Museum Institute for the Applied Research of Cultural Heritage Digitization (Gugong wenhua zichan shuzihua yingyong yanjiusuo). The theme of this event was "When the Palace Museum Becomes a Way of Life" and featured the release of the Museum's new website and the new app The Palace Museum Community for mobile phones. Combining the Museum's cultural resources with the latest technology, the app is designed to provide users with exploratory tools in a new digital platform. This interactive experience will also allow users who enjoy "the Palace Museum's way of life" to participate in a unique online space.


During the release ceremony, the Palace Museum's Director Shan Jixiang described his concept of a digital community for the Palace Museum and the process of bringing it to fruition. Additionally, he presented how the Digital Palace Museum has been promoted through a diversity of programs and resources created for various media. With the new website and The Palace Museum Community app, the Museum will now be able to offer more open access and allow users to enjoy a larger amount of digital resources. Moreover, these interactive platforms will provide new ways for cultural cultivation in the modern age.


Press Release Content: The Palace Museum
Translated by Adam J. Ensign
Edited by Li Yang

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